Can I directly jump to Ananga Manjari’s worship since Ananga is Nitai?

Whether it is Radha-dasyam or Ananga-dasham, it is all Madhurya. And it is Sahajiyaism (taking the highest to be very cheap) to dare to approach this topmost Madhurya without fully drowning into Audarya.

I simply don’t understand why do they always want to go directly jump into Madhurya Lila? Due to inadequate purva sukriti and thus imperfect guidance, they simply don’t have the faith that the Audarya Lila is fully non-different from the Madhurya Lila and that it is the only thing in the whole creation which can effortlessly award them entry into Madhurya. But this is only possible if they simply have the patience to first fully and one-pointedly focus on surrendering to and receiving the mercy of Audarya first.

Audarya by definition means Magnanimity and thus something which exists to factually award us Madhurya or the true Sweetness. So it not possible to bypass it in any way.

If you somehow successfully manage to enter Audarya which is much much much easier to enter due to the always available and unconditional Kripa-siddhi being awarded by👂निताइ👈, you will automatically find yourself in Madhurya without any separate effort. sei radha madhava antaranga…

In fact, this very lack of faith of theirs in Audarya will unfortunately ensure that they will never attain Madhurya. heno nitai bine bhai, radha krishna paite nai…

To enter Madhurya factually and not just in their mental imagination, they compulsorily need to enter Audarya first. But they simply don’t want to be patient till they are qualified enough to climb the tree and eat the sweet fruits at the very top. They just want to impatiently start jumping from the ground to try to pluck the low-hanging bitter and sour fruits. Hence they will never attain the real sweet fruits in the top. koti koti varshe kari shri krishna bhajana…

It is just like a pregnant woman not having the patience to wait for 9 months till her child can come out of her womb in the natural course of time. So instead she tries to cut her womb to forcibly get her child out, thereby killing herself and the child in the process.

Please give them the links to the articles of the Anantadeva, Sahajiyaism Quotes, and the 14 quotes why Mahamantra is not enough, even if they don’t like it or even if they leave.

A true well-wisher for their soul will always tell them the hard truth even if they find it very bitter and contrary to what they are being taught by others and thus leave us due to that. We should always live and die to practice and share the purest spiritual truths at least among devotees. At least we will not be misguiding them which almost everyone else is doing nowadays and prevent ourselves from becoming a dog in our next life similar to what happened to that Guru in Ramayan.

Also, at least some souls will truly achieve Madhurya through Audarya if we stick to the truth only and that will be our reward for speaking the bitter unpalatable truth.

This is why I again and again always recommend it is the best to share to new souls who are like a blank slate. So instead of arguing with us or rejecting our well-wishing advice like existing devotees do, they will first do what is best for their soul according to our humble recommendation and start with Audarya first, instead of foolishly jumping directly into Madhurya.

We will not need to unsuccessfully keep on trying to break our heads into the wall which is never going to break and waste gallons of our blood to help these new souls unlearn what they know first, just like we almost always have to unlearn these devotees to stop jumping into Madhurya directly and thereby to stop killing their own chances to ever enter into Madhurya in the first place due to ayogya maryada langhana.

Because whatever these new souls will know, they will know it from us. And we will never misguide them into jumping into Madhurya first.

Those who don’t want to even know about Greenland and are not even qualified to know about it or to go there themselves, will still eventually be able to know and see Greenland through the eyes of someone who has been there.

So even those souls who may not know or want to know anything or may be utterly unqualified to know about Gaura Radha Krishna will still see Them face to face spontaneously through the divine eyes and heart of Nitai (where They are always playing) very quickly if they only try to know about Nitai first and fully surrender one-pointedly only to Him.

In fact, this is the only way to see Gaura Radha Krishna in truth.

Srila Prabhupada’s true greatness was that he totally shunned Sahajiyaism like Black Plague following in the footsteps of his own Gurudeva Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada. And so did his own exalted godbrothers like Srila Bhaktirakshak Shridhar Maharaj (his Shiksha Guru from whom he learnt this from), Srila Bhaktipragyana Keshava Maharaj, Shrila Bhaktipramod Puri Maharaj, Srila Bhaktikumud Sant Goswami, and my own Srila Gurudeva.

Even when he was on his bed about to disappear into the Nityalila and dictating his last commentaries to the verses of the highest 10th canto of Radha Krishna Lila, Srila Prabhupada would only talk about how the three material gunas are affecting the soul (basically Bhagavad Gita type commentaries even to the 10th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam) but never about any higher and esoteric topics about Gaura Radha Krishna’s pastimes.

Srila Prabhupada is the Lord’s associate so he has certainly realized them. But still he refused to discuss them till his very last presence in this world. Because They are only a subject matter to be internally relished and only after that discussed among those who have already developed adhikar for them by profuse Nitai Kripa.

This is what differentiates our pure Gaudiya Matha dhara from those who practice Sahajiyaism in the name of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Ragamarga is a mirage without Nitai Lila Dhyan. Ragamarga cannot be practiced, it is awakened from within by the mercy of Nitai Lila Dhyan only. And when one becomes a true internal Raganuga, one hides it deep within and externally very humbly talks only of Nitai Lila Dhyan only. A real rasika is one who hides his or her rasa.

Thus, Nitai Lila Dhyan and Shravan-Kirtan is truly the SAHAJA (easy and sure) path not the SAHAJIYAISM (cheap and lost) path of directly trying to approach Gaura Radha Krishna.

PS. We have to first die to truly live. So we have to first stop this cheap attempt to get Madhurya to truly have a real shot at attaining the real Madhurya.

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3 thoughts on “Can I directly jump to Ananga Manjari’s worship since Ananga is Nitai?”

  1. This passage from CB 3.5.230 reminded me of this article you wrote. Gadadhara took on the mood of a Gopi after Nityananda gave him ecstatic love.

    “Having received the Lord’s order, Nityānanda Candra immediately left for Gauḍa-deśa with His associates.

    Nityānanda Svarūpa was accompanied by His intimate associates such as Rāmadāsa, Gadādhara dāsa Mahāśaya, Raghunātha Vaidya, who was filled with the mellows of devotional service, Kṛṣṇadāsa Paṇḍita, Parameśvarī dāsa, and the most jubilant Purandara Paṇḍita.

    As they began their journey, Lord Nityānanda first bestowed ecstatic love on all of His associates.

    Gadādhara dāsa became absorbed in the mood of Rādhikā. He loudly laughed and said, “Who will buy yogurt?”

  2. Thanks dear Gurudeva for these wonderful truths of the correct pathway to approach the higher rasa. Feel very fortunate to have known the treasure of Nitai Bhakti which is accessible to all the souls. All glories to you. निताइ👈 Hare Krishna. Dandvat Pranams🙏

  3. Jai Nitai! Jai Gurudev! The way you explain it makes perfect sense. It is just like what the previous acharyas have taught. Anyone who ignores these teachings is being incredibly negligent. Nitai Bhakti is the only way and निताइ👈 is the topmost way to practice Nitai Bhakti. All glories to you for this perfect article.

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