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What Are You Donating For?

Our humble request to the kind donors is to please take care of Srila Bhaktiratna’s day-to-day expenses; including those for his accomodation, prasadam, ayurvedic medicines, recording equipment, team expenses, advertizing, viral marketing, etc. Then he can completely focus on recording and writing his ecstatic sound vibrations to give Nitai’s unconditional love to the whole humanity and the future generations.

As you must have felt after hearing him, he gives Nitai directly in the form of the divine sounds he records. He fasts from grains to imbue his sounds with the topmost remembrance of the Sri Nitai.

He could also use your generous donations to give online ads to share these Nitai-filled sounds of love with millions of souls, who otherwise may never find out about them without ads. You can cancel your monthly donation at any time via the Unsubscribe link below or from your Paypal account. Kindly click to choose a monthly donation from below:

Help in the Production of Realized Tava Kathamritam

● Each audio or video recorded by Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu is infinitely priceless as it reveals the secret of all secrets from the scriptures in the deepest and very rare Nitai smarana-yukta sounds in their highest quality. They emanate from his long hours of Nama-smarana daily. It may take him several days of extensive meditation and shastric research to use the choicest words and shastra sources in order to present the topic being discussed as clearly as possible from different angles of vision. To leave no ambiguity about it in the minds of the devotees.

All Content is Always Free

● Always giving all credit of his vani to our previous Acharyas, he has never charged and will never charge a single dime for his recordings or writings. Due to that, unfortunately his contributions have been always under-valued. Very few have supported or are supporting his insightful efforts of excavating the deepest secrets of Bhakti for Kaliyuga for our sureshot deliverance in this life itself, which no one else may be doing for the Kaliyuga souls at this point of time.

Donating for Nitai’s Sharing is the Highest

● As many of you may already know that each piece of his vani, including his deepest smarana-yukta sound vibrations, is very revolutionary, eye-opening, goosebump-inducing, and may save and place countless open-minded devotees on the right path of offense-destroying Nitai Bhajana for quickly attaining Shuddha Harinam and Vraja Lila in this very life. So please do generously donate to sustain his endless and unceasing efforts to record and write such rarest Nitai Vani.

Help in the Production of Realized Nitai Kathamritam

● Every single cent of your generous donations will be used to directly reach out to new souls with Srila Bhaktiratna divine sound vibrations. It will be through our website, podcasts, youtube channel, ebooks, print publications in various languages, advertisement campaigns, one-to-one sharing and follow-up, satsangs, kirtans, travels, etc. Our Ashrams are self-sustaining. So your kind donations will directly used for sharing his love-filled sounds of Nitai.

● Srila Bhaktiratna believes in the Bhagavata Marga, which is to establish temples in everyone’s hearts and homes, by the power of mass online distribution of recorded and written transcendental sound vibrations. Not by spending millions to build localized temples of bricks, iron, and cement which are only accessible to very few and which may perish very quickly. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta (“I will sell all the marble in the temple and print books”) and Srila Vishvanatha Chakravarti Thakura (“mathadi vyaparam”) expressly warned us against this.

● Therefore, for Srila Bhaktiratna, giving Shuddha Shabda Brahma to even one soul is millions of times more important than building thousands of huge temples or projects and then spending collossal amounts of money and efforts to maintain them. Reaching out to millions of souls has become possible due to the advent of the internet in the recent times.

We Do Not Hoard Money or Spend it For Pancharitriki Marga or Temple Management

● Your generous donations are the only thing which makes this possible because we don’t engage in any commercial activities at all. In fact, we distribute all of Srila Bhaktiratna’s recorded and written Bhakti content for free. We even print and distribute his books for free. We believe in pure bhakti. So your donation will literally help Srila Bhaktiratna to record, write, and share more.

● We also try to follow Srila Prabhupada’s instructions of not hoarding money from donations. We use it all quickly to record, write, and share more by online ads, etc.

● Your kind support will guarantee the direct pleasure and causeless mercy of Sri Sri Sri Jahnavi Nitai Vasudha, Sri Gauranga, and Sri Sri Radha Krishna on you and your family. Because every single penny of your hard-earned money will be used by Srila Bhaktiratna to share the topmost benediction in Kaliyuga – Nitai Kathamritam, in the highest smarana and sound quality. Dandavat pranams to you and thank you again for your kind generosity. 📿 हरे कृष्ण 👂निताइ👈 🙌 Jai Guruvarg! 🙇_o/_

Message by Our Nitaipremi das

My humble request to all the devotees

Please donate to dear Srila Gurudeva…

Other than the fact that he tirelessly creates soul saving content…which always make us cry when we get in touch with it…

Other than the fact that he is almost a 1 man army, getting so many things done…

…sacrificing his precious rememberance for our sake…

…there is no one who is more generous and selfless than he is…

He just likes to give and give…and it costs him a lot…

But he is very silent about it.

Please I humbly request every one make a donation.

Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider it. (use this in case you need convince some one else who is not in the Bhakti Marg)

1. It will multiply your money – any act of charity actually multiples your money


The more you give away the more you receive.

You will see that the richest people are known for giving their wealth away…

And it’s not because they are generous or they have too much…

It’s because they have found out that it actually multiples their money.

Even John Rockerfeller who’s family has the highest net worth in the world spent his early morning giving pennies to beggars. He did that every single day.

Do you think he did this because he was generous?

Do you think rich people are generous?

Of course not. They only put money in places where it gets multiplied.

Even Vedas state that how poor or rich you are in this life is based on how much charity you have given.

2. Giving charity on the right day will multiply your money even faster

We all have read summaries of Ekadashi and Purushotoma mas…

And one of the things mentioned there (always mentioned there) is that we always should give charity to a qualified bharmana

Who is more right for that position other than our dear Guruji?

Giving on auspicious days multiplies the effect of your charity. Even little becomes a lot.

3. Most charities simply waste money –

If you look at their reports you will find that nearly 80% of money they spend is on marketing…aka…getting more donations.

Do you know how our dear Guruji’s uses your donation?

One part is used by him for producing soul saving audios…he still spends zero dollars on marketing.

He presently relies on our small circle…and I feel like we owe him not just our lives but out whole existence.

He doesn’t ask anything from us…

So why not do this one little favor…

4. This is possibly the very best thing you can do for your own practice –

Your donation will be used to spread Nam all over the world…

Think about the impact it will have on your practice. Think about how many souls you can save.

Those souls will eternally be thankful.

And Nitai forbid if one day you fall out of practice, then because of your good deed Nitai Nam will come back to you and save your soul.

I’m asking you to do this for saving your own soul for hellish suffering.

How much should we give?

10% of every single dollar we earn (before taxes)

I know this feels like a lot…

Please understand , this will just ensure that you will make more money.

Most won’t believe me…

But just try this for 3-4 months, you will see that more money will be attracted to your bank account.

PS – no one asked me to write this, I’m doing this out of own free will.

And also because this the best month, and best day to donate – Purushotama month and Ekadashi is very unique combination.

Happens once every four years…

Lets make the most of it…

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