How to See Krishna’s Form in the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra?

Try to first awaken the remembrance of the divine form of Krishna while chanting Harinam. This is recommended in the topmost 15th Chapter of Harinam Chintamani, known as Bhajan Pranali, as follows:

How To Start Harinam Sadhana?

nāma-nāmī eka tattva viśvāsa kariyā | daśa aparādha chāḍi nirjane basiyā ||42||

“With strong faith that Harinam and Krishna are the Same, try to avoid the ten offenses and sit alone.”

sadhana krama ei. antarmukha bhakta-mahashaya prathame dasha aparadha tyaga purvaka kevala nama smarana o kirtanera nairantarya sadhana karibena. spashta nama uccharana-purvaka smarana-kirtana karibena. (bhaktivinoda bhashya)

“The proper method of Harinam Sadhana is as follows. The introvert and serious devotee first tries to give up the ten offenses and focuses ONLY on remembering and singing Harinam as constantly as possible and doing kirtana-remembrance with correct and clear pronunciation.”

How To Unite Krishna’s Form With Harinam?

ati svalpa dine nāma ha-iyā sadaya | śrī-śyāmasundara-rūpe hayena udaya ||43||

“Then within a very few days, Harinam will be merciful upon you. And the form of Sri Shyamsundar will spontaneously arise in your heart while chanting.”

nama spashta, sthira, o sukhakar haile, sri shyamsundarera rupa dhyana karibena. haste mala sankhya, mane va mukhe krishna-namanusandhana karite karite namartha je rupa taha chinnayane darshan karite thakibena. athava srimurtira sanmukhe basiya rupa darshan o nama smaranadi karibena. (bhaktivinoda bhashya)

“When you come to the point of chanting Harinam with clear pronunciation, steadily without interruptions, and joyfully; please make an effort to meditate on the form of Sri Shyamsundara.”

“With japa mala in your hands, and after searching and searching for the divine meanings of Harinam with your mind and mouth, you will be able to behold with your transcendental eyes the first true meaning of Harinam which is Krishna’s Form. Another way to make Krishna’s Form One with Harinam is to sit in front of a (Realistic) Painting or a Deity and behold Krishna’s Form while remembering Harinam.”

jabe nāma-rūpe aikya hayata sādhane | nāma laite rūpa āise citte sarva-kṣaṇe ||44||

“When you achieve this Oneness of Harinam and Krishna’s Form, then that Form will constantly arise in your consciousness while chanting or hearing Harinam.”

How To Add Krishna’s Qualities To Harinam and His Form

tāra kichu dine rūpe guṇa kari yoga | śrī-nāma smaraṇe guṇa karaya sambhoga ||45||

“After that, try to seek out the 64 qualities of Krishna in your remembrance while chanting Harinam, which in turn has already become One with Krishna’s Form. And try to merge these 64 qualities with Harinam and Krishna’s Form.”

namera sahita rupa ekatva prapta haileo krishna-guna sakala smarane aanite abhyasa karibena. (bhaktivinoda bhashya)

“When Krishna’s Form has united with Harinam, endeavor to bring all the 64 qualities of Krishna into remembrance while chanting Harinam.”

svalpa-dine nāma rūpa guṇa eka haya | nāma laite sarva-kṣaṇe tinera udaya ||46||

“Again in a few days, Harinam, Krishna’s Form, and Krishna’s Qualities will become One. And as soon as you chant or hear Harinam, all Three will arise at every moment.”

What to Do if the Forms Are Not Appearing?

A. If the Forms are appearing on Their own in the Namakshar and Namshabda, then that is the goal. Till then, the recommended method of Nam Smaran practice should be as described above in the Harinam Chintamani by our Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur himself. This is what our scriptures are for – to guide us in the right way to practice Nam Smaran, not to be ignored, not for us to have doubts in and do our own thing, and not to just decorate our shelves. If we don’t realize anything what the scriptures are saying at this point of time, still if we patiently, blindly, and with full faith in their words keep on practicing exactly as they state, then we will realize their truths eventually very soon, simply because they have been shared by fully realized souls. This is called Shastra Shraddha, the sure shot means to attain siddhi in Nam Smaran by walking on the path which has already been walked on by our nitya-siddha Mahajans. And since Nitainam has no consideration of offenses, this method gives even faster success.

yaḥ śāstra-vidhim utsṛjya, vartate kāma-kārataḥ, na sa siddhim avāpnoti, na sukhaṁ na parāṁ gatim. (Gita 16.23)

“Blatantly rejecting the injunctions of the Vedic scriptures, if someone performs actions only according to one’s own whims and fancies, then that person will never ever achieve any spiritual perfection, happiness of the soul, or the supreme destination after death.”

śruti-smṛti-purāṇādi-pañcarātra-vidhiṁ vinā, aikāntikī harer bhaktir utpātāyaiva kalpate. (Bhaktirasamrita Sindhu 1.2.101)

“Even the normally supremely auspicious Bhakti of directly the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna which is based solely on one’s own mental concotion, speculation, or exclusive self-endeavor; without humbly and fully accepting and following the injunctions of the Vedas (Shrutis), Puranas and Acharya Shastras or Vani (Smritis), Pancharatras, etc; leads to great chaos and disturbance in human society.”

māyā-mugdha jīvera nāhi svataḥ kṛṣṇa-jñāna, jīvere kṛpāya kailā kṛṣṇa veda-purāṇa. (Chaitanya Charitamrita 2.20.122)

“The souls who are enchanted and bewildered by the illusory energy of Lord Krishna can never attain any pure knowledge of Krishna by their own puny, speculative, and misled intelligence, even in trillions of lifetimes. That is why Lord Krishna Himself, being merciful on such hopeless souls, manifested the Vedas and Puranas which reveal the perfect knowledge about Him.”

Why Forms Are Not Appearing in My Nama Smaran?

Question by Yajnesvara das: I don’t know what this merging means, but when i chant the Mahamantra, I write Namakshar in the air, and it’s great to do the rounds like that- it takes me longer, but the Mahamantra pronouncing is much better and clearer.

A. That a wonderful start dear prabhuji. Merging means nam laite laite, rupa aise sange sange (HNC). Because of your strong faith in the निताइ👈 Namakshars, the merging of the Nitainam Akshars with the sound of each Name of Harinam in the way I have described above will start happening very soon for you. Since Nitainam does not consider any other offenses, only the quality (as we become what we eat) of our prasadam (the remembrance while earning the money which is used to buy the bhoga, remembrance of the cook while cooking it, and the remembrance while offering it) and of course vaishnava aparadha if we are committing any, are the two primary reasons which restrict the Forms from appearing in the Namakshars or the Namashabda and make our Nam Smaran mechanical, dull, or blur without any Rupa sphurtis or remembrance.

Same Rupa Dhyan in Nitai Vayulekhan?

This method actually gives us the way to directly contact Premi Nitai. If it works in a very few days even for the all-offense-considering Harinam Smaran, how quickly it will work for the all-forgiving निताइ👈 Vayulekhan Smaran. That is why I have given the Forms in निताइ👈 Vayulekhan, to implement these exact same instructions of Harinam Chintamani for the most merciful Nitainam Smaran (since there is no difference between Harinam and Nitainam) and thus quickly make the much more merciful Nitai Namakshars one with the Forms in a very very few days. And this has been proved by so many new first-timer devotees being able to behold Nitai’s forms in varying and ever-increasing degrees of clarity in निताइ👈 Vayulekhan quite instantly from the first few days itself.

Jahnavi Vasudha Nitai in the Sound of Harinam?

Questions by Anuradha dasi: But still better for me that while chanting harinam seeking forms of Nitai Jahnavi Vasudha no? Sometimes Radha Krishna rememberance is coming from Hare Krishna but I am very scared to make offences so I try not to seek their forms or meditate upon their dham lila etc just know that one day nitai will bring me there.

A. Of course. Shyamsundar and Tribhang Mohan Nitai there is no difference. Radharani and Jahnavi Vasudha there is no difference.

How to Unite Harinam Sound With Nitainam Syllables?

Q. Indeed I was very shocked how quickly the original forms Start coming from vayulekhan but these quotes you showed really make it clear. That it is possible and expected for that to happen. Pretty incredible. If we are chanting harinam while doing vayulekhan or manasik vayulekhan, i don’t usually seek the forms in the individual Hare Krishna maha mantra but I merge the mantra with the forms in the namakshar is that okay?

A. Not that way ideally. For example when you say Hare and airwrite the round in the first stroke of न, you should try to feel that the sound Hare is being uttered with intense love by Nitai as He is rolling on the ground near the feet of the soul in the second stroke, and so on.

Chant Many Names With Each Stroke?

Q. by Nitaishyam das: Why Can’t We Chant Multiple Names while Visualizing Each Stroke?

The thing is that if you pronounce more than one Name for each stroke, the merging i.e. that is to realize that the sound of the Name you are uttering is coming from the Form in that specific stroke becomes more difficult, as the mind has to think of multiple Names and the Form in that stroke simultaneously. Already when you chant Harinam fast without Vayulekhan, remembering each Name becomes so difficult because the mind does not get enough time to delve on each Name. This is why I recommend to unify only one Name with each stroke or one Name with multiple strokes. When you practice Vayulekhan with Harinam and merge the Nama Shabda with the Nama Akshar in this way, then you can do Vayulekhan faster too. I know the Maha Mantra may become quite slow due to this but even one minute of deep Nam Smaran in this way is much better than 192 rounds of Harinam daily without deep Smaran. When we remember His Form, Qualities, and Pastimes, only then we are no longer in Maya. Chanting a lot of rounds of Harinam fast without deep Smaran means we are still in Maya. Only where Smaran is, there is no Maya, and where Maya is, there is no Smaran. Because only Smaran is the Lord Himself. The number of rounds or the speed of our chanting is not the Lord Himself.

Q. So one name should be for one stroke?

A. That can be the way but not compulsory because for that one has to remember an extra thing and that can take our mind from our actual remembrance. One can airwrite multiple strokes while chanting one Name of the Mahamantra if one is getting that remembrance, there is no sense in breaking it, just let it flow. But the Smaran is not so deep if we do vice versa, chanting multiple Names of Harinam while airwriting just one stroke of Nitainam. Since Harinam is the one which considers our offenses so One Name of Harinam should be merged with one or multiple strokes of निताइ👈 thereby chanting the Harinam slowly and clearly, rather than chanting Harinam fast and chanting many Names of Harinam while airwriting just one stroke of Nitainam.

Q. by Nitaini dasi: It is too slow but I think only in starting, but it’s too deep, hard to explain. When I was merging with JVN, i was like crying in each Name I was uttering (sometimes i was lost in form and forget which Hare I am in 😂), it’s like intoxicating we are totally in it, even one Mahamantra is so nourishing, so no matter I will do in this way only 🙇.

A. Yes dear Nitaini dasi, that is the goal of all practices. If one is not absorbed in Smaran during Nam Bhajan, one is in Maya, even if one is religiously chanting lakhs of Names daily. On the other hand, if one is remembering each Name deeply, then Maya cannot exist there at all, irrespective of how many rounds one is chanting daily.

10 Offenses in Harinam Without Nam Smaran

Because the 10 offenses in Harinam come into play when there is no Smaran in Harinam. There are no offenses considered in Nitainam even when there is no Smaran. That is why it is not just Smaran or Nothing. But it is either Smaran or Offenses (Perishing). So quality first and then gradually increase the quantity. Those who say that quality comes from forcing the quantity are mistaken. Only the 10 offenses are increased by increasing quantity without quality.

Won’t Intense Chanting Lead to Quality?

A. to Ramanand Raya das: Intense chanting is not the intensity in quantity but the intensity in the quality of Smaran while chanting. And where there is Smaran in Nam, one will not feel like leaving it 24/7. So the quantity automatically follows the quality, not vice versa.

16 Rounds in Slow Speed?

Q. by Nitairam das: For those who are Harinam initated and have a vow to their gurus to finish 16 rounds, what do you recommend?

A to above question by Nitairam das: Then do 16 rounds in 4+ hours with deep remembrance of each Name in one stroke of निताइ👈 if that happens with full remembrance. Do shoot blank bullets. namakshar bahiraya, atra nama na paya.. Then you will still remain in Maya. I always recommend quality over quantity. The ultimate king of all injunctions of the scriptures and acharyas is to always remember Him. All other quantitative vows of the number are rounds are simply servants of this main vow and their only purpose is to increase the quality of our remembrance, not just to finish the numbers. Our Nityasiddha Acharyas can do both simultaneously because they are in the Lila. And the difference in quality of Smaran of even one round chanted by Srila Rupa Goswami for example and a normal struggling sadhaka is like the sky and earth, 1 and 0. So please don’t imitate our Acharyas, try to follow their instructions as given in Harinam Chintamani. Increase the Smaran in Nam first, before artificially increasing the quantity.

Srila Prabhupada on Chanting Quality


Srila Prabhupada in Bhagavad Gita As It Is Introduction: “There is no difference, because Kṛṣṇa and Kṛṣṇa’s name are nondifferent. In the absolute status there is no difference between reference and referent. Therefore we have to practice remembering the Lord always, twenty-four hours a day, by chanting His names and molding our life’s activities in such a way that we can remember Him always.”


“Regarding your first question, is it offensive to think of Krishna’s pastimes while chanting, I think you should know that it is not offensive, but rather it is required. One must try for the point when he simply hears Krishna, and immediately all of Krishna, His pastimes, His form, His quality, are in his thoughts. So to always be immersed in thoughts of Krishna this is our process. When we are full in Krishna then where there can be any chance for maya in us? So this is our duty to remember Krishna’s pastimes. One who cannot remember Krishna, let him always hear Hare Krishna, and then when he has perfected this art, then always he will remember Krishna.”

16-64 Rounds Without A Single Drop of Rasa

☑️ Namacharya Haridasa Thakura states otherwise in Harinam Chintamani 12.14-15:

LAKSHA NAMA haile pūrṇa
saṅkhyā mālā gaṇi
BINDU guṇa maṇi
ei ta anavadhāna
doṣera prakāra
viṣayī hṛdaye prabhu
baḍa durnivāra

🔴 “Due to our formidable offensive and sense-gratifying mentality, even a TINY DROP OF RASA WILL NOT NOT AWAKEN in our hearts even after we complete chanting of 64 ROUNDS of Harinam daily with careful counting.”

🔕 So please don’t think you can become a realized devotee or conquer your senses just by making a show of mechanically chanting 16 rounds, 1 lakh, or even 2 lakhs of holy names daily. In Chaitanya-charitamrita it is stated that even one holy name of Krishna is enough to grant us prema if it is chanted offenselessly with deep Smaran of the Form, Qualities, Abodes, Pastimes, and Associates of the Lord. Unfortunately, in some circles chanting has become a number game, with some claiming to chant 3 lakhs or even 5 lakhs very fast daily.

Q by Nitairam das: You’re like Srila Gour Kisor das babaji, simply hearing or seeing you for a moment is not enough to understand you. One must follow your instructions to the T, to truly realize that you are uncompromisingly giving the highest thing.

I am not even a tiny particle of the dust of his lotus feet. It is just because I have nothing to lose. I don’t care if anyone stays with me or leaves me. I never compromise siddhanta for donations or followers, because I am self satisfied. I don’t have to constantly fear someone over me to correct me or tell me the proper siddhanta, because I take my purest siddhanta directly for ALL our Acharyas Vani in totality of all their Vani not just from one Acharya’s Vani, without any hidden or ulterior agenda of my own.

Why to Do Nam Smaran Slowly Instead of Fast?

A. to Nitaishyam das: I have always been recommending to airwrite each stroke very slowly, deeply visualizing Nitai’s form, qualities, and pastimes in that stroke. So how would it be completed very soon? Additionally, sometimes all of us airwrite the same stroke over and over again especially when we get such beautiful newer and newer remembrances in each stroke.

If you are chanting lots of rounds of Harinam faster already, then you can do them separately without Vayulekhan. But to destroy your 10 offenses in Harinam, some Harinam in the beginning you can do with Vayulekhan, in the topmost quality of Smaran, where for example you can easily say ”Hare” for 4+ seconds during which you slowly airwrite and visualize each stroke and remember the Mula Mahajan of Harinam Nitai Himself blissfully singing or chanting Hare, Krishna, or Rama Nam and multiple pastimes you mentioned in each stroke to your heart’s content. No jane janita kiyadbhir amritaih, krishneti varna dvayi… just the two syllables of Krs-na, Ha-re, and Ra-ma have so much nectar….

You can even take 10 secs for each Nam and each Stroke, hehe. Calling out one name Hareeeeeeee, or Krissssshna, Raaaaaama for 10 secs is not a crime but Srila Prabhupada said long calling is our great call of deliverance to the Lord. We have all the time in the world for Nam Smaran. We don’t have a train or flight to catch. Whatever time we spend in Nam Smaran blossoms our spiritual form which is in seed form in our soul. So it is the only thing which counts in the end.

Nitai Gaura Nam Kirtan and Nitai Vayulekhan

Nitai Chaitanya and Their Names are fully included in निताइ👈 Vayulekhan because we touch Nitai’s body on the most deepest and highest manasik platform, which is totally non-different to and even higher than chanting Their Nam, and Gaura is constantly playing in Nitai’s body. So we are directly touching both Nitai Gaura in the highest and deepest Manasik way through Nitai Vayulekhan. Of course, Kirtan can be done of Nitai Gaura’s Names and Hare Krishna Nama to our heart’s content after adequate Vayulekhan and Harinam Japa, so that we can truly relish the Namshabda in Kirtan.

How to Get Lila Darshan Even in a Dirty Heart?

Q. by Nitai Gaura das: Your phenomenal divine recording of Kalau kalmash nashaya is extremely potent. Listened to it many times yesterday. Had a nicest dream of following you in divine Ekachakra. You were wearing a ? Blue dress; had big beautiful eyes and long braided hair. It may just be my wildest imagination but wanted to share with you🙏

I was younger to you wearing red dress. Somewhat shorter in height like a little sister or friend. You were very merciful to me. You lead me to Sri PremiiNitai along with His associates including Ma Jahnava Vasudha. Sri PremiiNitai was sitting on a gorgeous throne loaded with jewels. I almost passed out at the first glance. You advised me to only look at His feet. You massaged His feet and gently guided me to do it too. I know in my heart that the ONLY way I can have access to Sri PremiiNitai lotus feet is through you 🙏🙏

This audio is extremely potent and jampacked with so much Ekachakra Yogapith Lila remembrance. It has become a constant necklace around my neck too. I have faith that even one such potent sound can give our most secret yet most loving Nitai to the whole world.

The extreme rarity and unparalleled uniqueness in the past, present, and future in the whole creation of Nitai Vayulekhan, Shravan, Kirtan, and Bhakti is that one is awarded the real visions of Nitai Lila in Ekachakra in these 4 practices even when one’s heart is polluted with the most dirty and abominable thoughts… This is confirmed in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya Chp 1.. aparadha sattve jiva labhe prema dhana.. suvimal krishna prema anveshaye taake… tabhu ta aparadha apni palaya.. prema badhe taya…. first Prema forces itself in our dirty polluted heart and then the polluted things gradually flee. In Radha Krishna Bhakti, Prema never enters till our heart is totally free of such dirt.. vishaya chadiya kabe shuddha habe mana… Such an ultimate summit of all mercy is never to be found anywhere else, even in the entire spiritual creation.

The Crying Guru

By Nitairam das: If.. nityānanda’ balite haya kṛṣṇa-premodaya, āulāya sakala aṅga, aśru-gaṅgā vaya.

Just speaking about Him as far as one’s own personal realization allow, awaken and welcomes Prema. Then what speak to connect directly with His lila and name?

I remember the first time with devotees in this city, and they heard who my Guru is. The criticism was “your guru Bhaktiratna is crying on video, and we don’t see anyone else doing that” — the above verse is the only necessary response cc 1.8.23.

Bhakta Andy: Seeing you cry on YouTube was how I knew to listen to you. That and by hearing your voice.

One With A Bona-Fide Guru Knows Everything

acharyavan purusho veda – “By receiving direct guidance from the Acharya, one knows things as they are (essence of all the scriptures), without having to oneself study and research all the Vedas for many lives.” (Chandogya Upanishad, 6.14.2).

dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhayam, mahajano yena gatah sa panthah – ”The real secrets of Dharma, which are sometimes not even found in the scriptures or their analysis, are actually hidden very deep in the hearts of the Mahajanas.” – Srila Yudhiṣṭhira Mahārāja in the Mahābhārata, Vana-parva (313.117) quoted in Cc 2.25.57.

Realizations of Slow Harinam With Vayulekhan

By Bhakta Andy: Dear Gurudev, I was doing Nitai Vayulekhan while chanting the Mahamantra like you had talked about today. One Name with each stroke. It was incredible. I felt a very strong remembrance. I thought of the picture of Krishna and Balarama together, standing in Vrndavan forest with their arms around each other smiling sweetly. I then remembered Brahma deciding to test Krishna by stealing all His cows and friends. When remembering this pastime I wondered where Balarama went. It didn’t seem possible that He could be stolen by Brahma. Then something struck me, maybe it was through Balarama that Krishna expanded into all His friends and cows.

By Anuradha dasi: Tried merging only one name with each stroke ..took over two hours to chant one round even then at the end had to speed it more at the end.

It is very powerful to do this ,, all day I could not get any smaran spurti not one drop .. but after did this all my smaran came back to me and more…

Conditioned soul wants to always practice nam in independent way but to get real thing have to do how acarya is saying , no other way, otherwise all just for show and total maya.

By Nitaini dasi: 🙈 I also tried yesterday merging one stroke with one Name, took me same so much time, yes may one and half to two hours or more may be (don’t know exact time) but at the end I did fast to compete it, otherwise it would take so much more, it’s very powerful I saw Nāmakshar very clearly inside all the forms, felt like everything, forms, pastimes going inside it, and then little beautiful smell (not so strong), I stopped chanting, and started searching from where this smell is coming from, but as I started searching, the smell stoped, no smell anymore, I felt strongly that this smell was with me, I felt the presence of smell within me, (i am very hesitant to say this) don’t know anything.

Hare Krishna Sound and Plow/Club Namakshar

Q. by Nitaini dasi: What to think when we merge Hare or Krishna sound with plow or club Namakshars?

A. You can think of Krishna playing with, adoring, or praising Nitai Baladeva’s plow and club, the plow and club of Nitai Baladeva serving Krishna, the name of Krishna emanating from the plow and club, the Rama Nam is directly Nitai Baladeva’s plow and club, etc. Alternatively you can think of Jahnavi and Vasudha in th 5th and 7th stroke as Hare, as They are younger sister of Radhika. 🦻 निताइ👈 हरे कृष्ण 📿 🙇🏼

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