The Heart Where Nitai Sits

🌿 Nitai comes and sits in a heart which is pure and clean. Just like we like to live in a clean place.

🌿 But in the present times, we fill our minds and hearts with infinite amounts of dirt and filth every single day.

🌿 So how will He ever be attracted to come and sit in our heart?

🌿 The only way is that we have to find a practice whose purifying and cleansing power is infinitely more than the contaminating power of the disturbances of this material world, which we are helplessly pulled deep into daily.

🌿 Such a practice should still be very simple and easy to be truly universal and should work for one and all irrespective of even faith in the practice.

🌿 And that is Nitai Lila Dhyan!


Nothing can be more easy than visualizing Nitai Lila on the wall.

🌿 And luckily for us that Nitai Lila is Nitai Himself.

🌿 So this is how it works. Only visualizing Nitai Lila can cleanse our heart for Him to come and sit there forever.

🌿 Only the direct touch of sunlight can purify the cow dung and make it pure and useful.

 Similarly, all divine qualifications come from visualizing Nitai LIla.

🌿 One who visualizes Nitai Lila gets a drop of the divine qualities of Nitai. And one such drop is sufficient to inundate the whole creation with Nitai’s unconditional love.

🌿 Hence, Nitai Lila Dhyan is our very life and soul for Harinam Ruchi.

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4 thoughts on “The Heart Where Nitai Sits”

  1. Jai Dandvat Pranams dear Gurudev, You have so mercifully and clearly explained the significance of Nitaai Lila dhyan. Nitaai his dham his associates his Lila are all offense less so its understandable how this process is authentic and offense free. All glories to you..Jai Jhanava Nitaai. Honestly i was doing such Nitai Lila meditation by your mercy since past couple of years because it gave me faith in Nitai Lila and Ekachakra, after my first visit to Ekachakra dham, i missed the dham, so started to follow Srila Bhakti vinode thakur instruction on manasik seva, now it seems even more merciful and ecstatic.
    Jai Jai Jhanava Nitaai

  2. Dandwat Pranaams at your lotus feet Shrila Gurudev.🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙏 Ji Gurudev, my heart is the most most filthy one😔 and needs to be cleansed every single minute but I’m not at that exalted state, but still will try cleaning it with my daily निताइ Airwriting. Please bless me with increment of Nitai Airwriting as I have no strength of my own; It’s only and only your mercy by which I can continue and increase it.
    Koti Dandwat Pranaams.

  3. NitaiMantraAirwriting Ki Jai!! It is truly the most simple and best practice ever!!! Hearing your Hi-Res audios with NitaiMantraAirwriting feels so supremely blissful…🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷

  4. Wow. Such a perfect article, fluently explained the crux. This reminds me of one of your explanations where you said that by Nityananda (Nitainamakshar)’s mercy prema comes instantly. And now I relate that because the prema comes even when we have mountains kf offenses, leaving the heart pure and a place for Lord to reside 🙌

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