How to Observe the Holy Days?

Yashoda Putra das: [16.09.20 13:59]

Is mental deep dana, Tulsi jal dana same as physical seva?

Bhaktiratna: Every single practice does by Manasik (mentally) is at least 1000 times more powerful than its physical counteract because the Lord wants your mind to actually think of Him (man-mana bhava mad-bhakto: One cannot become a devotee unless one thinks of Him), not just your body to serve Him while mind is in Maya.

Yashoda Putra das:

Bhaktiratna: It is a preparation eventually to serve Him in the mind (hridayete sarvatra sevibe..). But I have personally noticed that even while doing Deity Worship, the mind can be elsewhere quite easily. Those who do Deity Worship of His Forms via Vayulekhan, they attain millions of times more benefit than physical Deity Worship. Just like that Pratisthanapura Brahmana in Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu for whom the Lord Himself sent the plane. निताइ

Yashoda Putra das:

How to observe Purushottama month?

Bhaktiratna: One answer for all Tithis and all Vratas, please remember this forever: 👂 Hearing About Nitai and Airwriting निताइ👈 for Harinam Ruchi. There is no need to do any special vratas when your mind is remembering Nitai via निताइ. All Vratas and Tithis manifest and reside there when you remember Nitai. The offenses we commit on these Holy Tithis get magnified. And we have absolutely no qualification and purity to practice the Vratas which are so meticulously described in the scriptures with so much minute detail. So the all-offense-destroyingनिताइ for Harinam Ruchi is the only way to worship the Lord in all Tithis and all Vratas in this degraded Kaliyuga.

Frank: My obeisances to you Gurudev and Nitaibhaktas. Is it ok to do Vayulekhan when offering food? Most devotees carry around tiny deity pictures…some close their eyes and offer food to the Paramatma within.

How to Offer Bhoga?

Bhaktiratna: Yes dear Frank. Again mental offering of food is at least 1000 times more powerful than physically offering. So if there is physical offering, then it has to compulsorily be accompanied by mental offering (bhaktya prayacchati) for the Lord to accept it. But the vice versa is not compulsory. Srila Murari Gupta, Srila Jadu Thakura, etc. used to do that.

Are the offenses also multiplied on holy days and holy months?

Bhaktiratna: Just like a sharp double-edged blade can shave 🪒 faster but it can cut faster also. So all holy days or months magnify our remembrance but also our offenses. One cannot have one without the other. Only in Param Doyal Nitai Trayodashi of all Tithis that is possible. On that Tithi, there is magnification of our remembrance and disregarding of all our offenses… aparadha sattve labhe premadhana… So if we do निताइ Vayulekhan daily, we can make daily as offense-destroying as Nitai Trayodashi, since Nitai becomes present. 🦻निताइ👈 हरे कृष्ण 📿🙇🏼

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