How to Ensure our Metamorphosis into our Spiritual Form in this Very Life Itself?

🌿 A silkworm undergoes metamorphosis in its self-made silk cocoon to a pupa and then transforms into a butterfly.

🌿 Why? Because within its cocoon, it only thinks of its desire to fly as a butterfly.

🌿 In the same way, we will only become in our next life what we think about in this life, nothing else. It is only our spiritual remembrance in this life which develops our spiritual form while ending our material transmigration.

🌿 Our mind is the king of all our senses. Wherever our mind is, our senses will run there for sure. So first let us beat our mind into submission with at least 6 hours of Nitai Lila Dhyan daily for Harinam Ruchi before we set our mind free during the day. Only then our mind will not lead us to our doom.

🌿 The only way the iron rod (our material body) will become fire (our spiritual form) is by staying in the fire (of Nitai’s remembrance) as much possible during the day and night. When Kubja touched Krishna, her lust was transformed into love and her envy into her mood to serve.

🌿 Hence, visualizing Nitai for at least 6 hours daily for Harinam Ruchi, if not more, is our ONLY primary duty in this human form of life.

🌿 Because we have achieved this precious human body with great difficulty after zillions of lifetimes.

🌿 We need to worry about this only if we are actually serious to prevent our soul from being thrown into infinite suffering in the endless 8.4 million species of life and the 28 kinds of hells.

🌿 Even if we somehow forget to eat, sleep, discharge our basic bodily duties, and complete even our most unavoidable responsibilities, still we should never forget to practice Nitai Lila Dhyan as much as we can daily.

🌿 This material world and body is an illusion. So all the duties and responsibilities which we have so conveniently manufactured and conjured up around us to forget Nitai are also only illusion, temporary, and are nothing but gateways to our doom.

🌿 Why? Because all of the above won’t save our souls from the endless suffering lying in store for us in the hellish planets or the 8.4 million species.

🌿 Only Nitai Lila Dhyan will save us from them. So that should be our very first priority when we wake up in the morning, as it gets harder and harder to think of Nitai as the day passes by.

🌿 Just a very rough estimate. 6-9 hours of Nitai Lila Dhyan daily will ensure that even our most subtlest material mind, intelligence, and ego will be fully replaced by their spiritual counterparts in one or two lives maximum. And 12 hours of Nitai Lila Dhyan daily will ensure that the same happens in this very life only.

🌿 There is no other shortcut. That is the (laksheshvar) sadhana recommended by the Lord Himself. Don’t expect only gain without pain. And there is no pain in remembering Nitai 24/7. It is only pure love and bliss… kevala ananda kanda…

🌿 If you want to earn thousands of dollars in this world which are just temporary paper anyway, you have to work for much more than 12 hours daily. Then how can you expect a shortcut for permanently attaining the spiritual world, where our souls will never ever return from, and where is no birth, disease, old age, death or any kind of suffering?

🌿 Everything else is Maya. Yes, it is as plain and direct as that, as black and white as that. The only time we are not in Maya is when we are remembering👂निताइ👈.

🌿 King Rishabhdeva did not even get up to eat or pass stool in the forest. When he wanted to eat, he just opened his mouth and the food fell into it. His only business was to be totally rapt in the remembrance of the Lord.

🌿 That is the seriousness, urgency, and sincerity needed for our daily Nitai Smaran. Vaishnava Sarvabhauma Srila Jagannatha das babaji used to say that only if you don’t eat or sleep daily at any cost without completing your daily, adequate, and at least 6-hour quota of remembering the Lord, only then you can truly cross this insurmountable and infinite ocean of material nescience in this very life.

🌿 You must have got it by now how it is a do or die for us every single day of our lives. One day lost in this human life without adequate Nitai Smaran for at least 6 hours is the biggest loss for the conditioned soul in the whole creation.

🌿 However, the most shocking and surprising thing in this world is that only the real smart souls realize this fact before it is too late and actually manage to save their souls once and for all!

🌿 Probably no one else in this world will tell you this bitter and unpalatable truth and unavoidable fact about your afterlife, which I am telling you so directly here.

🌿 Simply because I have no personal selfish interest of wanting anything from you and because I don’t care if you don’t like me because of this. I don’t care even if everyone leaves me for speaking so bluntly. I will always speak the truth. A doctor’s duty is to forcefully and painfully burst the oozing swelling whether the patient likes it or allows it or not.

🌿 It is a fact that in this material world everyone just wants to speak rosy and goody-goody words to you without any real substance to make you “feel” better, to not alienate you from them, and to always remain in your good books. But I personally don’t care about any of these.

🌿 Please know that an ostrich dunking its head in the ground to feel better does not mean that the real cheetah (8.4 million species of life) standing right behind it (just a few years more) to totally gobble it up has gone away.

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4 thoughts on “How to Ensure our Metamorphosis into our Spiritual Form in this Very Life Itself?”

  1. Thanks dear Gurudeva for this strong reminder that everything other from निताइ👈 Smaran is Maya. Wish to truly realize this by mercy. Dandvat Pranams🙏

  2. Dandwat Pranaams at your lotus feet Shrila Gurudev.🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙏 Ji Guru Maharaj, only निताइ smaran can save me.😢 I will always keep in mind about my ONLY primary duty as निताइ smaran for atleast 6-8hrs a day,🙇🏼‍♀️ only and only by your causeless mercy. How ignorant I am to eat before I complete my daily quota.😔 It’s genuinely appreciable to be so direct with the unpalatable truths only for our sake without even caring for your own self. 😭I won’t ever be able to repay you for all that you are giving so selflessly. 😭🙇🏼‍♀️ Please never abandon this offensive fallen soul Shrila Gurudev.😭 May I become the real smart soul by your benignancy as soon as possible. Koti Dandwat Pranaams 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙏🙏

  3. Yes Shrila Gurudeva, no one else will give that you are giving and care for us, the way you do😭😭please accept this beggars dandavat pranams at your merciful lotus feet🙇🏻‍♀

  4. The article is really an alarming call. Thank you for writing it with striking analogies dear Gurudev. This kind of articles have always made me more mindful and taken me out of the forgetfulness of my real position.

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