Read 1000s of Nitai miracles. Please do leave yours to inspire Bhaktiratna and all Nitaibhaktas.

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3 thoughts on “Miracles”

  1. Thanks alot dear Gurudeva for mercifully awarding this incredible n authentic method of NV for attaining the desired goal of humanlife..One day this whole world can become selfrealised n can go back to Godhead evenwith millions of sins n offences if they will accept in thier life..The power of this magnanimous process is amzing n beyond the level of thinking..I feel always very relaxed n oeace n blissfull with most pleasant mood..I have realaiedy how quickly my material problems gets disappeared by doing this NV with good n deep faith..Nitai hears our problems n helps us with right things at right time..We must put our efforts to take this inctedible n unique process house to house n that can b the most useful welfare for the miaerable world..All glories to U..All glories to U..All glories U..

  2. This is just so beautiful! With Nitai, miracles are bound to happen. Nitai is such a Lord that one can experience His mercy from the very day you come in the contact of Nitainam.

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